Bio Anatomy: The Gluteus Medius Muscle

The Gluteus Medius is a broad, fan-shaped muscle located on the lateral side (outside) of the hip joint, and can be broken into three different divisions; the anterior fibers, the middle fibers, and the posterior fibers. Each of these three divisions plays an integral role in proper hip function, and plays a major role in controlled hip motion, as well as stabilization of the hip joint.

The anterior/middle and posterior/middle divisions will contribute to varying degrees of rotation of the thigh at the hipjoint (spin the thigh relative to the waist), while all  three divisions collectively will contribute to abduction of the leg at the hip joint (move leg outward away from body midline). When all three divisions are strong, single-leg activities (such as balancing, walking, and running) can be performed easily, efficiently, and pain free.

However, a loss of stability (weakness) in the Gluteus Medius can lead to compensations such as a drop of the pelvis on one side and/or excessive foot and lower leg pronation, and may cause faulty motion throughout the trunk. In addition, a weakness may cause symptoms of protective and chronic tightness and pain throughout the hips, legs, feet and back.

In order to achieve effective and pain free movement the muscles that surround the hips must be working properly and balanced. The preferred method of assessing and correcting weaknesses and muscle imbalances is a biomechanics assessment system known as Muscle Activation Techniques (M.A.T.). M.A.T. corrects the imbalances that lead to pain, inflexibility and limited physical performance.

With Certified and Master Certified Specialists throughout the country, it has become easier for any person currently enrolled in a physical activity program to see a M.A.T. practitioner to receive an assessment of his or her unique biomechanical needs.

Bio-Dynamix, a fitness and wellness firm in Shelton, CT, is the longest standing M.A.T. practice in New England, and specializes in precision exercise, conditioning and muscle balancing. Questions or Comments, Contact Bio-Dynamix 3 Corporate Dr, Shelton, CT  203-225-0772


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