Cadaver & Mechanics Workshop February 21-22

Attention Trainers and Therapists!

BDx is hosting a Cadaver Anatomy & Biomechanics Course Feb 21-22!

shutterstock_136741166This 12-hour course provides a mechanical foundation for health, fitness and rehabilitation specialists by examining anatomy from an engineering and architectural perspective instead of just the “names and geography” that school typically offers.
– Experience the musculoskeletal system in 3-Dimensions, while examining the mechanical ability of all tissues involved in motion.
– Examine the structure as influenced by force and how this affects force tolerance and examine the muscles via the lines of force they offer to a joint and to a kinetic chain.
– Explore function outside of anatomical position by examining muscular action with respect to axes of motion and attachment sites.
– Discover what traditional kinesiology class missed!

Saturday, Feb 21:
4 Hours Lecture; Mechanics and Biomechanics (emphasis on lower extremity)
4 Hours Cadaver Lab

Sunday Feb 22:
4 Hours Applying forces to anatomy (emphasis on lower extremity)

Price: $459.00
*Discounts available for groups of 5 or 10*

for more information visit the INFO & REGISTRATION PAGE


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