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Why Biomechanics?

Bio: Life, Living Systems

Mechanics: the branch of applied mathematics dealing with motion, and forces producing motion.

knee-angleBiomechanics is the study of structure, forces, and the effects of forces on structure.

So what does that have to do with exercise and sport?  Well… actually everything!
Every exercise in which you participate, every movement, every effort to prevent motion, and every physical challenge involves your human structure and very real forces! Read the rest of this entry


Cadaver & Mechanics Workshop February 21-22

Attention Trainers and Therapists!

BDx is hosting a Cadaver Anatomy & Biomechanics Course Feb 21-22!

shutterstock_136741166This 12-hour course provides a mechanical foundation for health, fitness and rehabilitation specialists by examining anatomy from an engineering and architectural perspective instead of just the “names and geography” that school typically offers. Read the rest of this entry

It Doesn’t Matter How Many Reps You Do If They Are All Horrible!

“It doesn’t matter how many you do if they are all horrible!”


Exercise is commonly measured by external variables; how much weight you used, how many repetitions you performed, how fast you completed the challenge, or how long you could endure it, etc..

Very few people ask and assess HOW WELL you perform the challenge, and what level of focus, intention, and specificity you bring to each exercise. When we focus on the internal variables, such as tension-generation, control, intention, etc., we can bring our exercise attention where it needs to be; the human body. After all, exercise is first and foremost, about improvement of the body; not just a workout performance and/or something that gives us gym-bragging rights. Read the rest of this entry