Christopher P. Graney


Christopher is a Biomechanics Specialist that works with the identification and treatment of musclular inefficiencies that contribute to compensation and repetitive stress injury.  Chris holds a degree in Biomechanics, with emphasis in the physics of the Musculoskeletal System, and has continued study in the Neuromechanical Foundations of Kinesiology.  Chris has been studying, applying, and teaching exercise sciences, with heavy concentration in Biomechanics.Since 1996.


  • Is a Biomechanics Consultant, working with athletes from the NFL, MLB, and UFC.
  • Has worked directly with notables including Odell Beckham Jr, Rashad Jennings, Russell Martin, Antonio Silva, Glover Teixeira, among others
  • Is an instructor for the Resistance Training Specialist Program, teaching concepts and applications in biomechanics, & the analysis of the tools and equipment used to impose forces into the bodies of patients, clients, and athletes.
  • Teaches Cadaver Anatomy and Biomechanics classes to trainers and therapists from all over the globe.
  • Was an instructor for the Muscle Activation Technique Program for 12 years.
  • Was an instructor for Kore Grappling Camp, teaching Biomechanical applications in warm-up, flexibility, and injury prevention to fighters and martial artists, instructors and coaches.
  • First RTS Master/MAT Master/BJJ Black Belt on earth
  • First MAT Specialist in Tri-State and New England area
  • RTS Instructor since 2001
  • MAT Instructor for 12 years
  • Founder of BIO-DYNAMIX, BDx Biomechanics, & BDx Fitness
  • Contributor for and
  • Holds a Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu