Manual Resistance Applications

IMG_6686 - Copy.JPGManual resistance is a tricky thing.  it’s not smart to just have someone pushing you into positions and pushing you in any random direction.  Manual resistance, like every other resistance, needs to be applied to responsibly & progressed intelligently.  MR has a continuum of options & progressions, and we must be skillful in our application of it.

We only apply MR within your AROM limits, and only in a direction away the end-ROM; towards neutral.  We train the skill of contractile control, and then prepare you for muscular support in atypical positions, and in atypical planes; around atypical axes.
We apply strategic manual resistance, with respect to:

  • point of application
  • direction of force
  • support / anchorpoints / force exchange points
  • progression from 1 axis to multiple axes

3We usually begin with Contraction Sensitivity Isometrics, and progress towards proactive & reactive isometrics (sub-maximal & maximal), eccentric contractions (sub-maximal & maximal), before implementing Mechanical Exercise Progression.


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