Why Internal Performance?

Move Better – Feel Better – Train Better – Recover Better – Perform Better


Athletes are often compared to high performance race cars. In addition to proper fuel and proper training, we must also consider the stresses placed on the vehicle.

In order to reach a higher level of performance, athletes often train at a higher level of intensity. Like race cars, the faster and harder they train, the more often they will need a “pit stop”.

Muscle imbalances and abnormal alignment can become precursors to injury, especially during periods of intense and repetitive training. Poor alignment and movement compensations will place increased stress on joints, tendons, and other tissues. The symptoms of pain and compensation are the result.

Conventional therapies typically attempt to treat these symptoms without addressing the underlying mechanical causes of the injury… this usually leads to further compensation, and recurring/more severe injuries down the road.

The goal is to correct the muscle imbalances before the injury occurs. However, if an injury is present, balancing the muscular system and increasing muscular stability  will provide an environment for healing and faster rehabilitation. The end result is increased stability, better recovery, and improved athletic capabilities.


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